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Innovations in wound healing to expect at the WHSI conference
January 20, 2022 at 7:00 PM
WHSI program for an event regarding innovations in wound healing

Every year, new research emerges to support advancements in technology surrounding cell regeneration and wound healing. Innovations may include anything from topical treatments to genetic manipulation. Improving the body of research in regards to wound healing is the key to amputation prevention for patients who suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes.

The annual WHSI conference serves as a prime opportunity for healthcare practicioners and researchers to share their findings and expedite the process of bringing new technologies to market. This June, our moderators will be facilitating a two-part event that delves into the science behind chronic wounds and the recent innovations that could help increase immunity to heal wounds more effectively.

We welcome guests and speakers from a variety of diverse professional backgrounds to join us at the WHSI conference. Below we have explained a few of the innovations in wound healing that will be covered at our upcoming event.

Regenerative dressings

In recent years, researchers have been studying the effects of topical solutions which may promote cell regeneration. One of the most unique innovations is a regenerative dressing that can be applied directly to the wound in a clinical setting. Professor Guillermo K. Ameer has been at the forefront of regenerative and tissue engineering with his role in the development of a wound dressing that is made with a built-in layer of citrate-based hydrogel. New research suggests that this solution accelerates the movement of dermal and epidermal cells, promoting rapid tissue repair. These exciting findings will be discussed during this year’s conference by Professor Guillermo K. Ameer himself.

NovoSorb BTM technology

The NovoSorb BTM product stands for “Biodegradable Temporizing Matrix.” This synthetic polymer was developed by Australia’s PolyNovo Ltd. The product was created to be used by surgeons following procedures where open wounds remain. The polymer contains multiple layers, which work to seal the wound bed, prevent bacteria from entering the area, and most notably, provide an intricate matrix that artificially facilitates the reconstruction of skin cells. Dr. Tim Barker, the director of medical and scientific affairs at PolyNovo Ltd. will be presenting the company’s new technology at the WHSI conference this year and explaining the role of NovoSorb BTM in salvaging limbs.

Healing from the inside out

While external products that directly target wounds have proven to be incredibly effective for expediting the healing process, other researchers are focusing on the underlying causes of an inadequate immune response. This year, Dr. Ann Marie Schmidt will be discussing a recent finding that suggests the receptor for advanced glycation end products may be blocked using a specific molecule. Studies in mice reveal that this molecule reduces many of the complications associated with diabetes; one of which is reduced wound healing. By working from the inside out with this innovative pharmaceutical drug, sufferers of diabetes may experience much more efficient healing.

Topical calreticulin-based treatment

Calreticulin is an inactive, soluble protein which has recently proven to be an effective topical solution for rapid tissue formation and healing. The protein treats the site in a variety of ways including the migration of keratinocytes, the proliferation of fibroblasts, and more. Porcine studies suggest that this treatment may accelerate the healing process by up to three times its natural rate. Dr. Leslie Gold will be discussing the diverse cellular effects associated with calreticulin and how they facilitate the healing of wounds.

The annual WHSI conference is a multidisciplinary event that provides a wealth of information regarding the latest innovations in wound healing. To learn more about this year’s program or to purchase a ticket to our 18th annual event, explore our website and register online today.